Don‘t be caught off-guard – know who you’re dealing with.

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Criminal Checks

For the responsible home and business owner.  You trust your friends and family, but for the rest, you cannot afford to be unsure.  Do the right thing, be sure about the people you employ.

Social Media Checks

Your employees publish a lot of personal information in the public domain.  You need to know their propensity to make crude, racist or lude comments and display antagonistic behaviour.

Driver Checks

If your business relies on reliable driving skills you MUST Verify the validity of your employee’s Driver’s License, Professional Driver’s Permit (PrDP) as well as Defensive Driving Certificates (DDC’s).

Qualification Checks

Don’t be caught out by falsified qualifications.  Each and every employee should be checked to ensure that the qualifications they list on their CV are valid. It is now a criminal offence to falsely declare qualifications.

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