PrDP’s and the financial risk you take

PrDP’s and the financial risk you take

It has been reported that around a half a million freight and public drivers do not qualify to be on South African roads. Many companies do not realise they are breaking the law and taking on a massive financial risk if their truck drivers are not validly licensed. Did you know, that driving without the required Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) for a particular class of vehicle is one of the reasons many insurance claims are rejected or repudiated?

By law and to meet one of the main requirements for vehicle insurance, a vehicle must be driven by a licensed driver. There are some classes of vehicles where a regular driver’s license is sometimes not enough. The National Road Traffic Act of 1996 requires businesses who are involved in the transportation of goods, dangerous goods or passengers for an income to ensure their company drivers have valid PrDP’s. The PrDP permit is issued in addition to an ordinary driver’s license and is one of the main requirements of the National Road Traffic Act; this is to ensure that the drivers of these vehicles have satisfied the legal requirements of being medically fit and not having a criminal record relating to driving or behaviour towards people.

Which motor vehicles require a PrDP?

  • Heavy goods vehicle – loaded or empty, with a gross vehicle mass exceeding 3 500 kg.
  • Breakdown vehicle.
  • Bus above 3 500 kg GVM.
  • Bus or minibus or any vehicle with seating for more than 12 including the driver irrespective of its weight.
  • Taxi or other vehicle carrying paying passengers

Not having a PrDP would result in the driver, passengers, vehicle and goods not being covered by their insurance company in the event of an accident.

Unfortunately, fake or fraudulent Driver’s permits are rife. Businesses are therefore strongly advised to check the authenticity and validity (expiry dates) of these permits, as there is no grace period on a PrDP like there is a normal driver’s license, meaning that the business vehicle insurance cover would also be compromised.

CrimCheck can help you check the validity of your driver’s Licenses and Professional Driver’s Permit (PrDP) not only in South Africa but many of our neighbouring countries including Zimbabwe’s Defensive Driving Certificate (DDC) – the equivalent of our PrDP. Any Zimbabwean driver who is employed to drive a heavy commercial vehicle in South Africa must be a holder of a Defensive Driving Certificate (DDC) in addition to his Zimbabwean issued driver’s licence.

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