The scary truth about Drivers Licenses

The scary truth about Drivers Licenses and how many are in fact legitimate in South Africa…

Did you know 1 out of every 3 driver’s licenses have been obtained fraudulently? It’s all too often that we hear or read of tragic road traffic accidents whereupon investigation it turns out that the individual involved did not have a valid driver’s license or had obtained the license fraudulently.

A car can be a lethal weapon in the hands of an unskilled driver, as proven year after year through just short of a total of 1 000 000 road crashes, 14 000 fatalities, 60 000 serious injuries and 160 000 slight injuries. These cost the country about R100–billion annually.

Many times, insurance companies will repudiate or reject accident claims because the organisation or individual was not compliant. The cost of 3rd party claims due to the non-compliance of a driver may end up costing a company dearly, not to mention the reputational damage.

Driving License fraud is unfortunately a major problem here in South Africa with around R20-million is being spent annually to combat this kind of corruption. In a joint project with the police’s Special Investigating Unit (SIU), more than 6 000 illegal licences have been cancelled, and criminal proceedings have been instituted against a number of corrupt officials, members of the public and fly-by-night driving instructors.

With the staggering death toll, we urge companies to check whether or not their drivers are in fact legally licensed. We recommend that all drivers are checked, especially by an independent 3rd party company, such as Crimcheck. We also recommend a whole host of other checks to help mitigate the risk of your cargo being lost, stolen or damaged in anyway. These checks include Integrity Checks as well as Driver Assessment Profiles.

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